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Chinese are today the number 1 spending tourists worldwide! China Sales Co. provides dedicated platforms and support for your SME Tourism & destination based business.

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Q: Why are more Chinese traveling overseas now?

  • In the 1980’s there was "almost zero" outbound international tourism from China.

    In the 1990’s travel was permitted (and still today) Chinese groups or package tours were allowed albeit with a tight fixed itinerary and pre-approved and planned schedules. Prospective Chinese tourists also required gaining police issued exit visa’s before applying for well as for outbound (destination) entry visa’s which all needed to be presented and approved before the tourist would be allowed to depart. It all made choosing to travel overseas expensive and difficult.

    Our Services cover:

  • Be understood: Custom made Chinese Tourism web and WAP sites and customised brand communication
  • China SEO and SEM: China digital marketing and advertising to drive traffic to your great products.
  • China Social Media: to create CRM! Your brand official verified presence on China's top Social media Weibo, QQ and We Chat
  • China Sales CRM: We handle all your Chinese B2B and B2C sales, bookings and enquiries and leaving you to focus on providing customers the great holiday experience you provide! Including Shanghai telephone number or +400..China free call dedicated numbers for your business.
  • China Sales Co. provides live instant customer feedback and sales services via direct live telephone and China IM instant communication platforms.
  • These services cater as "virtual staff" for handling of Chinese speaker client inbound enquiries, lead filtering and qualification, closure of sales, bookings and order financial processing.
  • Contact us now to apply for your free* merchant Alipay account. China Sales Co. are global licensed providers and system installers of Alipay online and O2O payment solutions. Alipay provides secure instant payments by your visiting purchasers into merchant Alipay accounts. It is fast, safe and secure. Visitors “can pay at the front desk” by using their mobile phones and unique merchant QR code provided by China Sales Co.

    *Please note that Alipay offshore receiving accounts are free to approved merchants and can be installed and tested by licensed partners. Note that the account will generate a Alipay secure application, with installation and testing costs that vary according to website and store and O2O requirements.

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