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Dinpay by DDBill

Purchase Dinpay Plugins: scroll down and click on the individual plugin below to purchase and download. For bundles please head to our store website www.chinasales.com

Since 2016 China Sales Co. is an official global licensed agent for DDBill Technologies Company and Dinpay payment system. Dinpay allows merchants 19 direct Chinese banks, e-wallets (including We Pay) and China Union Pay with 1 single secure and merchant friendly system.

On this page you may order, pay, and download the individual plugins.Please note that you will 1st need a Dinpay account for these plugins to work.

Need a Dinpay account? Apply now for your free RMB-global currency cross border Dinpay Merchant account"click here" *you will be re-directed to our official online store and application form.

Need all the plugins in 1 go?

ChinaSales.com Store link: "China Sales official shop site" also sells bundled versions which are best value for merchants.

List of custom plugins developed in 2016 by China Sales Co

  • Credit Cards for Magento 2
  • Credit Cards for WooCommerce
  • B2B for Magento 2
  • B2B for WooCommerce
  • B2C for Magento 2
  • B2C for Woocommerce
  • WeChat for Magento 2
  • WeChat for WooCommerce
  • WeChat for Magento 1.7-1.9
  • B2B for Magento 1.7-1.9
  • Alipay for Magento 1.7-1.9 *now available
  • Alipay for Magento 2.0 *now available
  • Alipay for WooCommerce **ow available

Dinpay for WooCommerce (Word Press) includes We Pay

Great news: International merchants can now accept Tencent We Pay and China Union Pay and direct banking using Dinpay. It is fast, simple and secure.

Want to see how it works? Get your We Pay or CCD ready and test with a USD 10 cents test payment.

To test a live Woo Commerce payment using our plugins click here Woo Commerce test payment"*you will be re-directed to our official online store.
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