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Sina Weibo translated actually means“micro-blog” service and today it has over 800 million registered accounts. It was the first real social media platform in China. Chinese folks will go to search on Sina Weibo for updated news and second opinions. Weibo also functions in a similar way to Facebook. Weibo has two different levels of accounts; the free mini-blog page or, official certified business/corporate branded page. Official pages have additional extras including able to add rich-media and video and view statistics.

Micro Blog Accounts:

Weibo micro blog accounts are free for single users and therefore it is a nice way to get started with a micro blog. A company CEO or CMO for example can start a personal account for free. Similar to Twitter, micro blogs are limited to 140 characters and images.

Weibo Official “Blue V” Accounts.
Weibo Blue V official stamp

Obtaining official account status places a blue logo next to your Weibo account name. This identifies your account as the official representative account for your brand and products to the China consumers. This is important because brands want viewers to be reading genuine content. The application process and payments ensure that brands can secure their verified Weibo IP and consumers will fee secure that they are reading the correct information about you and your products.

Businesses operating for commercial profit should get an official accounts for two main reasons:

A: to prevent an other Weibo page from copying your business look and message, and B: non-official accounts may be delisted at any time by Sina Weibo if they are deemed to be for business purposes.

Weibo Page designed by China Sales Co

Tom Organic Weibo page
Weibo design:

If your business does not have an account we will assist to create your account and can place an link to it on your website.

China Sales Co. can also translated content and images to your new Weibo, and Chinese consumers can post feedback and images on your company and invite their friends to comment and share.

China Sales Co. partners also get live in-bound response to Weibo’s ask us about our China Social Media packages.

Weibo Activity:

Weibo can be 100 posts per day or 1 post per week.

The important thing with all Social Media is to encourage feedback and generate new fans. China Sales Co. offers China Social Media strategy and operations depending on your budget and goals.

Weibo Page designed by China Sales Co

Macutec Weibo page designed by China Sales Co

Time to get started? Ask China Sales Co how we can design and open your Weibo page in less than 2 weeks!

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