China ICP Web Hosting

China Sales Co. offers secure web hosting directly for clients.

We offer secure options of either China Telecom (dedicated server or cloud hosting/ HK and PRC) or Aliyun (Alibaba PRC web cloud) + Local ICP provided by OGMA Shanghai.

China web hosting tips:

Good web hosting is important for China. The Chinese online shopper enjoys fast choice between products and we offer solutions depending on your budget and requirements.

How does "the great firewall" affect your web site?"

The “great firewall” of China slows-down websites from being viewed from inside of China. Hosting a website in the USA or Australia or EU will add 2-4 seconds of connection time, which will greatly affect the "UE" or "User Experience."

For hosting e-commerce sites we always recommend host your website inside China, or utilize a 3rd party website *unless the goods are of high value that consumer would still prefer to shop and buy from your own brand website.

For non-e-commerce Tourism/ destinations and Service providers hosting in Hong Kong is fine.

How do we get customer payments from inside China?"

For payment solutions inside-China (non-cross border) there are over 100+ China e-commerce payment options but for the bulk of customers both onshore and offshore there are "just 3 payment solutions that are secure and trusted by most Chinese consumers" namely 1. Alipay 2. Union Pay and recently 3. We Pay. Each has different terms and conditions and check carefully before application that they can work on your web platform and that the person offering them can show their actual-license or otherwise they are a re-seller and probably adding margins on transaction fees.

China Sales Co. are Chinese payment installers. We open and test accounts for international companies. For installation of the API some installation charges may apply but these are quoted separately.

Union Pay is also recommended. For those with We Chat (Wexin) shops then WePay is also required.

Why choose to host in Hong Kong?

  • On the China internet but outside the firewall.
  • Less paperwork than hosting inside China.
  • Full brand brand ownership and IP security.
  • Secure: Hosting inside China Telecom N.O.C.
  • Very fast speeds inside China
  • Global banking and finance hub

How much does it cost?

China Sales Co. supplies business entry-level Hong Kong and China web hosting packages. Shared server includes back ups. Additional conditions may apply for in-China cloud hosting and ICP requirements.

"Contact China Sales"> and ask about our web hosting packages!

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