China Sales Co. is not (yet) an official partner of Tmall however we are welcome to quote supply and operations.

Owned and operated by Alibaba Group, Tmall is China’s top B2B sales platform.

Tmall is home of the famous “11.11” or “Singles Day” annual online e-commerce promotions which in 2014 achieved over USD$9 Billion of online sales in a single day.

Tmall has two platforms or “online shopping malls” “Tmall China” based in Hangzhou with its china web .cn URL and “Tmall Global” with another .hk URL which is based in Hong Kong.

Businesses can easily choose which platform depending on where your product and service is based. All transactions on Tmall China require settlements into a Chinese bank account. All transactions on Tmall Global require settlements into a foreign bank account.

About TMall:

Tmall was originally set up in response to the amount of fake or mis-branded products being sold online. The Alibaba group then started Tmall in response to brand requests for a “safe place to sell online.”Today Tmall is the leading 3rd party web store in China.

Importantly, Tmall is seen as secure place to shop. Unlike Taobao, Tmall is not-free to join, and only qualified businesses can apply for an online store. The application process is thorough and starting fees are required. This prevents any fraudulent merchants from joining the platform, and also protects brand integrity by assuring Chinese customers they are shopping from qualified official sources.

Businesses and merchants must produce their credentials, including proof of brand ownership or license to trade, China import and customs duty certificates and trademark/s, and all sellers must have a China point of return address for returns or dispute handling.

Tmall.CN is for goods and services located in China. If your product requires first wholesale importing before distribution in China then we advise Sellers are also required to trade via a Chinese bank account and give tax receipts.

Tmall.HK known as “Tmall Global” is for goods and services located outside of China. These goods and services must be located outside of China and then shipped to China after purchase. Sellers bank accounts must also be outside of main land China (Hong Kong or elsewhere e.g. USA or UK is fine). An in-China point of return for refused goods and/or dispute handling is also required.

Application forms are available from China Sales Co.

How much does a Tmall Global store cost?

Set up costs and annual running costs are cheaper than a bricks and mortar store, and you will reach millions of online buyers keen for your qualified product and service. Once running, annual store lease and store operations can be as little as $950 per month (excluding commissions and advertising).

All figures below are in $USD.

  1. Tmall application forms: free from China Sales Co.
  2. Tmall 12 month store lease: $5,000 or $10,000 depending on commodity and sector.
  3. Alipay application and installation and testing: $2,000-$10,000+ depending on web store and requirements. Alipay offshore payment system is a requirement for merchants selling on Tmall.*
  4. Tmall store design: $5,000-$25,000 depending on number of SKUs
  5. Tmall store Operation: $6,000-$50,000 per year plus variable commission on units sold (for annual service only ask for terms and conditions).
  6. China Point of Return and quality control: included with China Sales Co. store operations. *
  7. Tmall surety fee: 1 x $25,000 surety fee. Held by Alibaba in case of dispute and refunded on store closure.

*Alipay and China Point of Return can also be ordered separately without requiring a Tmall store.

China Sales Co. provides China point of return and Quality Control services.

China Sales Co. provides Tmall.CN and Tmall.HK applications, store design and decoration, Tmall Advertising and Store Operations.*

*Due to requirements China Sales Co. supplies Tmall Store Operations for a minimum 12 month service period(annual services) terms and conditions apply.