Quality, Accurate Translations

“Nee HAAO? “ or , “Hello yes how can we help?”

Quality translation is essential. Why?

It is essential that you use quality translations. It is relatively quick and easy to do and an essential 1st step to opening your door to China.

Just as errors in your own language communication materials will damage your brand, so does bad translations.

We advise against using virtual translation software, such as "Google Translate" in the eyes of Chinese viewers and consumers.

These types of software are just not-great with pictograph based languages, such as Traditional Chinese and it is strongly advised not-to use them as they do make major errors in translation!

Sometimes this may be funny, but most of the time it is not, and 99% of viewers will instantly see you are using translation software and click backwards to instantly leave the site.

Importantly, without quality translated materials it also shows that your business "is not serious" about welcoming Chinese business at your door. And this is really "brand critical" if you wish to start open your door to China to Chinese business.

China Sales Co. provides quality sales-copy-translation at a fixed affordable rates.

We also provide consultancy for copy optimisation to best perform on China's search engines, see web support for more details.

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