China Sales Co. values detailed tracking for all activity and services for clients.

China Sales Co. utilizes a custom in-house activity and tracking software system delivers reporting on all services including:

  • Sales-training: staff require regular updated product and service training.
  • In bound call notes: major points of communication request.
  • Unique Inbound Customer ID tracking: CRM linked for customer and product requests.
  • Sales track: SKU item/s ordered and paid
  • Finance track: SKU sales
  • Ship track: order shipment tracking
  • Returns: item returned listed and record
  • Quality Control: inspection and verification of returned goods
  • Refunds and CRM: management between seller and buyer.
  • Social Media activity: we can track all posts on nominated China Social Media platforms.
  • SEO activity: China SEO activity monthly reporting
  • SEM management: China digital advertising weekly or monthly reporting
  • e-Shop management: 24/7 access to reporting (access for management clients only)