Point of Return

China Sales Co. Point Of Return.

China Sales Co. offers essential “Point Of Return” for goods shipped to China.

Having a point of return in China can make a big difference to your customer making a decision to purchase or not.

Why is this essential?

Having a point of return is essential for many reasons:

  • Often a Requirement: It is a requirement for top e-commerce party platforms in China. It allows China customers to receive product and refuse it (generally immediately) and return to the courier for delivery in China.
  • Reduces Cost: A point of return reduces the cost of returned goods for the seller (merchant) so products do not have to be shipped individually back to point of origin.
  • Fast Inspections: a point of return allows fast quality inspection (often same day or by next-day) to ensure the returned goods are in appropriate order before allowing or refusing a refund.
  • Security: having a point of return in China reduces the likelihood of fake products being swapped for your goods. China Sales Co. engineering grade inspections will also assist prevent fraudulent returns.
  • Quick returns: Fast authorization of refund. Keep in mind Alipay currently has a refund or dispute rate of 1 in 4 million so expected return rates on platforms such as Alibaba’sTmall Global are expected to be low. If possible we also recommend to offer the customer an exchange or replacement of goods or services.
  • For those websites not selling goods requiring shipping, such as tourism destination, having a clear and timely refund policy is recommended.

China Sales Co. offers the essential services to handle Point of Return.

  • Shanghai Point of Return: in China point of return for your products. Essential for offshore e-commerce providers.
  • Engineering Grade Quality Inspection: experienced engineers following quality inspection protocols including as required use of high tech inspection tools and measurement devices to ensure product meets satisfactory limit/s for refunds.
  • Product exchange: for partners China Sales Co. handles customer enquiries and can clarify refund and/or handle an exchange of product/s.
  • Warehousing and Distribution requirements: China Sales Co. partners supply warehousing for imported products including; beverages, cool and cold storage, dry storage, pick and pack for 3PL distribution.