Delta the 1st US airline accepting Alipay

Posted: April 14, 2015

Last week, Delta became the first U.S. airline to accept payments from China’s Alipay.

Delta accepting Alipay
Delta accepting Alipay

"Delta airlines is "looking eastwards for growth and ride the growing numbers of Chinese tourists" stated Robert Burns, GM of China Sales Co. "Already number 2 in the cross-Pacific stakes it makes sense for them to expand operations in Shanghai. It is the best method of accepting China tourism payments and is very popular. Still, note although being the 1st USA airline they catching up with the Asian and EU carriers that already accept Alipay."

Quote from Bloomberg:

"Delta Air Lines Inc. Chief Executive Officer Richard Anderson said "he envisions creating an international hub in Shanghai to build on a growing relationship with China Eastern Airlines Corp.When you think about what our strategy is long-term, we need to have a hub in Shanghai like the one we have in Amsterdam,” Anderson told employees in a recorded message."

Link to original article on: Bloomberg Business News "Bloomberg Business"

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