How Alipay works for Tourism, SME's and exporters

Since 2014 China Sales Co. are global licensees and technical System Installers of Alipay.

China Sales Co. are licensees for Alipay is the number 1 online payment system preferred by Chinese purchasers online.

Currently there are over 900 million Alipay accounts.


Alipay can allow Chinese tourists to pay for goods and services whilst travelling overseas by using their mobile phone. And, they avoid having to pre-purchase local currency at sometimes exorbitant rates. Alipay's mobile driven technology enables secure instant cash-less transactions via offline to online or "O2O" e-commerce transactions and all settled into your local e-store or local business bank account.

Alipay was started as part of the Alibaba group, China’s number 1 e-commerce company. It was split off in 2008 and is now owned by Ant Financial based in Pudong, Shanghai. Alipay is not a card based banking system as shopping and transactions are all done via internet connected devices. For example in China today it is "quite normal today" to use your phone and Alipay to buy a drink from a vending machine, or to pay for a taxi-ride, to pay utility bills, buy a movie ticket or pay online for a dress in a off-line retail store. These are just some good examples of how mobile wallet is changing the way people prefer to buy products and services today.

Alipay is a online debit system, whereby users must pre-pay RMB (Chinese Yuan) credits into their Alipay accounts before they can spend these credits with merchants whom have Alipay accounts. Users can top up via bank account, or by even purchasing credits in cash from an Alipay credit vendor. This "no-credit" basis eliminates the bulk of any risk of credit related charge-backs or disputes.

Particularly importantly for tourism is the "mobile wallet"functionality. Apple corp has also negotiated and now integrated Alipay into their wallet system. Unfortunately for international businesses except for some approved shops and services in Hong Kong the "touch" function is currently not-allowed outside mainland China so other processes are needed to conduct the transaction.

Touch mobile payment systems are being rolled out around the world, however due to the sensitivities of China fiscal regulations it may be some time before Alipay is allowed to distribute touch systems outside mainland China. Currently inside mainland China there are over 100+ online payment providers. However, Alipay and Union Pay are the only-two payment systems allowed to conduct cross border transactions.Tencent has announced in December 2015 that it "will be allowed" to enable cross border transactions but we estimate this will be earliest mid 2016 possible 2017 before Chinese citizens are enabled to go shopping via We Chat onto global ecommerce sites..

I am outside of China, how can Alipay help me?"

All operators have to provide is wifi access to their in-store or online clients, and a unique Alipay QR shop code provided by china Sales Co. This coe can even be scanned online. Customers can then scan and enter payment amounts. Merchant then checks amount (in real time) before shipping (or handing over) goods.

All China customer purchasers or "buyers" utilising their Alipay account allows each single purchaser to pay for up to USD $`10,000 per instant transaction and $200,000 per year in off-shore goods or services per calendar year .

"Certainly enough to cover the vacation and shopping expenses for your average Chinese tourist" said Robert Burns, GM of China Sales Co.

Merchants "sellers" have no restrictions on the amount received via Alipay.

"Contact China Sales Co. Alipay agents"> for your free* merchant Alipay account today

*Merchant accounts are free for approved businesses after appropriate documents and contracts are supplied and verified. Once documents are submitted then allow Alipay 10 business days for account creation and unique client API code to be produced. API installation and testing requirements will vary by customer and operating system and on store off line POS ask your local China Sales Co. consultant for more information on the .

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