Imported seafood tops Alibaba's Tmall CNYE Food sales in 2015

Posted February 18, 2015.

Alibaba group stated today via the and twitter news site that "Imported seafoods" were the top selling food items sold on Tmall during Chinese spring festival (Chinese New Year).

Top food items on Tmall China

Number 1 food item was "Lobster" from Canada and Australia.

Number 2 food item was "Red Shrimp" from Argentina

Number 3 food item was "King Crab" from Canada

Number 4 food item was "Australian Steak"

"With their pristine waters and farmlands, and, strict food quality controls Canada, Argentina and Australia are the clear winners on the imported food podium" stated China Sales Co. GM, Mr. Robert Burns."

"The Chinese clearly are putting their money where their mouth is" he went on to add, "if you are are a grower or supplier of quality fine foods please call us today to see how we can open your-sales-door to China."

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Link to press release "Alibaba on "Twitter"