Top 5 most popular destinations for Chinese tourists for 2015

Results published in "The Wall Street Journal" Jan.7.2015 of recent survey results by TravelZoo APAC of most preferred destinations for 2015.

1. 39.6% Japan

2. 31.4% USA

3. 23.8% New Zealand

4. 25.6% Australia

5. 24.9% Taiwan

"Outbound tourism from China is booming" said Robert Burns, GM of China Sales Co. "With 100 million+ outbound annual travellers (outside of mainland China) China is now the largest single source of out bound holiday goers and also topping global tourism spending.

The newly released Top 5 shows the diversity of locations Chinese wish to visit. It also shows how the Chinese see the China-English language barrier is "not a problem" when choosing their holiday.

Chinese love to visit Japan because it's close by, affordable and has great shopping" said Mr. Burns." Taiwan is "hot right now" thanks to the relaxation of China-Taiwan tourism visa regulations and the related jump in direct flights. Both destinations are a short flight from the majority of Chinese airports.

Chinese now are now ranked number 1 in tourism spending globally, so it's about time tourism operators and desitinations enabled their businesses to With USA, NZ and Australia making up 3 of top 5 also highlights their popularity and that Chinese are happy to fly long haul flights to get their holiday experience, and, they have the money to spend on enjoying their vacations overseas.

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