New* 39 page Guide to Selling Online in China

China Sales Co has just released its new guide to Selling online in China.

Published in September 2017 this guide contains the latest detailed information on how to start selling online to China.

This fresh 39 page guide is packed full of instructions for those looking to begin to sell online to China. Authored by China Sales Co founder Robert Burns an e-commerce expert this no-nonsense guide will save your business months of research and effort. Contains the latest information (updated Sept 2017) on China Social Media, and cross border e-commerce, payments and online advertising.

Price:USD$350 and can be ordered online from the China Sales Co store (link to store (hardcopies also available),

Sales Guide Contents (headers)

Step One: China knowledge: Learn the China playing field

Market Research

Market Size



SWOT Analysis

Useful Links and information about China

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

China Social Media

What you need to know about We Chat

Know your marketing strategy & distribution channels

Know your main KPIs

Step Two: Build your custom China brand face and platforms

Build your Chinese-friendly brand face and product customization

Build your Chinese website

Build your 3rd party e-commerce platforms store

Build your online China-friendly store

Open your online payment accounts

Step Three: China POS and logistics

China entry and Logistics

China point of return & storage

Step Four: Start to sell sell sell!

Trade Fairs and Digital Promotions

Digital promotions

China Social Media Campaigns

China Search Engine Optimization

Step Five: Expand Your Market Share

Quality control

Tracking your business

Market watch: stay on top of your competitors

Basic Costs to start selling into China


Buy Now!: Price:USD$350 and can be ordered online from the China Sales Co store a> (link to store hardcopies also available),