China Market Entry and Technical Consulting

Private, independent expert consulting for your business.

Our years in depth local experience includes assisting auto and heavy industry, education and tourism and service industries, Retail and IT and Technology sectors, high tech engineering and OEM manufacturing (sourcing) and wholesale China distribution and marketing and sales of imported products.

Robbie Burns, GM and founder of China Sales Co says:

"For those new to China, one day with us will save you at least one month of effort. Our top four company team managers/engineers have a combined six-decades of experience in China in a wide range of industries from online marketing to high tech contract automotive and heavy industry component manufacturing. Our market research will save you a lot of effort and you will be surprised at the findings and of the quality of the research we deliver. We have noticed from experience that the data we deliver often causes client company strategy to "change tack" before-they enter the world's largest marketplace.”

Web & Technical consulting

For webmasters the technical requirements for China can be "same-same but then it's different!" Navigating "the great firewall of China" and adapting responsive websites for Chinese devices, China friendly web design, optimising the site for China search engines, SEO tech reviews and hosting requirements are all covered by our in house team. We cover all major web platforms including Joomla, Magento, WP, mobile and cloud web, database and interface design technical support.

China Competitor Analysis and Reports

China Sales Co. also supplies fresh "Market Competitor Research" to analyse the China competitor marketplace today for your product and services, and advises on the best possible market entry strategy for your business growth in China. Our research reports are done to order and reveal "the market as it is today." The findings will positively affect your China market strategy and KPI setting before launching into China.

Your China sector: market import/ export data and consulting

Save months (or years) of time and effort by utilising our expert China Market Consultancy Services. The China Sales Co. team combine years of China business expertise in China sales and marketing, China export and import, Quality control and OEM and distribution expertise directly available for your business.

China is a unique marketplace, and today is either the world’s largest or second largest economy in terms of purchasing power.

“…according to the IMF By the end of 2014, China will make up 16.48% of the world’s purchasing-power adjusted GDP (or $US17.632 trillion), and the US will make up 16.28% (or $US17.416 trillion).” Business Insider October 14.2014.

Marketing and sales to China can be relatively easy to get started and the internet is by far the easiest way to start.

For Tourism products/ destinations their export is their product or service, and no need to export physical goods into China. All they need is a good online China face, good sales services and a China friendly online payment system and they can start selling.

Exporter China advice

For goods and product exporters the barriers of paperwork and regulations can be daunting.

Before selling a single item businesses must consider:

  • the time and the cost of market entry
  • meeting legal import and CIQ certifications
  • covering import duties and taxes
  • wholesale and retail marketing
  • China customer relationship management “CRM”
  • offshore and onshore logistics
  • finance and currency exchange
  • point of returns
  • QC and control
  • Marketing: online campaigns
  • China product distribution
  • and all of it must be managed reliably and with "China flexibility"

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