China Web design and official accounts

China Sales Co. provides expert China design for online and offline requirements.

Creative China design:

How your website and product looks to a Chinese viewer may work well or not at all. China Sales Co. provides expert original creative design for web and e-commerce, marketing materials, and product packaging.

Website and web store design:

China Sales Co. provides expert Chinese web, social and and e-commerce design. Having dedicated Chinese web pages is a must for any business wanting to sell to China. Even if your product is sold offline, consumers will still be looking online to read about your great product and services so it is essential to give them “a great China face” for your brand and service.

China Sales Co. can custom build your new Chinese website, or, can work alongside your web team to ensure your Chinese content pages will work well behind the firewall and are design and built according to Chinese web and Search Engine preferences.

If you prefer to have your products or services hosted on a 3rd party platform, such as Tmall Global, China Sales Co. will design and decorate yor shop to ensure it has maximum appeal to China consumers.

your-brand-.CN domain name registration: we can also secure your China online IP.

Check our "Case Studies" page for links to latest in house work.

Official China accounts

Your brand official verified We Chat and Weibo accounts are essential to ensure brand IP and for genuine customer relationship and marketing. We provide official accounts, design, campaigns and management.


China SEO and Search Engine Registration:

Once your site is built and online and ready to begin marketing, China Sales Co. is a licensed agent for China’s "top Search Engines and Web Advertising platforms." We will quickly ensure your website is getting the qualified traffic it deserves.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is also different in China. China Sales Co. provides expert China SEO services to assist with organic China search engine rankings.

SEM: digital advertising is delivered in conjunction our partners