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China .CN domain pricing (April 2015)

1 year 0% discount $145.00
2 years = $275.00
3 years = $400.00
4 years = $525.00
5 years = $640.00
6 years = $745.00
7 years = $840.00
8 years = $920.00
9 years = $1,020.00
10 years = $1,100.00

What paperwork is required to register a China domain name?


We require scanned signed colour copies of:
1. Business proof of Registration (license).
2. Address of business.
3. Personal ID: *Passport or Drivers license of person whom will own the domain.

How long does it take?

Please allow 5 working days from submission of documents before you can start using your .CN domain. Clients will need to supply proof of business certification and other proof of ID documents "Contact China Sales Co." to register your-businesses Chinese domain name today.

Do I really need one?

For majority of brands or businesses wanting to do business in or with China the answer is "yes." If you are considering of entering the China market then securing "" domain name is quite cheap and also essential.

Even if you continue to plan using or local URL (which is fine) we strongly advise customers to secure their brand IP and register a .CN domain. Unfortunately cyber squatting is common in China and it is a "1st past the post" system. If your brand is already established and famous then chances are your-brand domain has-already been registered in China and retrieving your IP can be "very costly" or "takes a very long time."

How secure is my IP and domain?

All .cn client domains we register are registered "on behalf of" our clients. We register then park, host or redirect Chinese domains according to client requirements. Your IP is safe with us. Should you ever move into and open and office in China and/or want to claim or pass the domain to another registrar this is also fine with China Sales Co.