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Social media in China is vastly different than in the West.

Did you know that China has over 1,000 different Social Media platforms, or that many Western platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are both blocked by the Great Firewall of China? Combined, Facebook and Twitter have a market penetration of less than 0.3% of all internet users in China, meaning that your brand's message will not be reaching the average Chinese consumer.

In order to start with social media in China, you first need to build an understanding of what platforms are available, which ones are best suited to your business and how to use them.

Social media “done right” can work wonders for increasing both brand and product awareness in China; “done wrong”, and you may never be able to recover your brand's image again. A successful post can be shared rapidly across China, gaining hundreds of thousands of views overnight. This is why popular brands in China all employ teams of experienced social media experts to manage their accounts, posting as many as thousands of unique posts per day, across the various platforms.

Key opinion leaders or “KOL’s” are a proven and effective tool to drive awareness and exposure to new brands and products. Individuals who have amassed a considerable following of trusted fans, KOL's serve as social guides for their fanbase, setting trends and making recommendations, attracting millions to each of their posts.

When first starting out, we advise clients to choose one (or at most two) platforms to focus their resources and “do them well.”

What are the Top 3 Social Media platforms in China today?

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