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China SEO and China SEM service are "where we started from" and our in house team of experts are here to increase your quality China web traffic!

Our company founder Mr. Robert Burns is also a famous international regular speaker on Chinese SEO and Chinese SEM advertising. Our team has many years of Chinese digital marketing expertise and China Sales Co. is a signed global agent and partner to China's top search and digital marketing platforms.

What is China SEO?

China SEO or "Search Engine Optimisation" is on page (on site) and off page (off site) activities all aimed at improving your free ( or often called "organic") search engine results in Chinese search engines. Good SEO will ensure long term branding in your sector, and bring consistent free quality in bound leads and new prospects to your website. Due today to the great firewall of China this means China SEO work is aimed at Chinese search engines, and not Google.

Can we provide China SEO?

China SEO and SEM are a big part of our business and our experts are here to help drive traffic to your Chinese website. We also provide white-label SEO to 4A Ad agencies in China for their clients. Our SEO services cover:

  • Chinese Key Word Analysis: *also can be ordered separately
  • Chinese KPI setting
  • Search Engine Baidu/360/Sogou/Sohu/GGHK index (page indexing)
  • Chinese link building
  • Chinese content and article creation
  • Chinese Social media official blogs and posts
  • Baidu SEM accounts and PPC campaigns
  • Baidu and Google HK Reporting and analytics

What are the top China Search Engines?

Since 2012 Baidu has consistently attained over 70% of all daily search queries. Qihoo 360, Sogou and Sosou are the second, third and fourth most popular search engines. Combined these top 4 search engines on daily average account for over 95% of all search enquiries in China.

Why is Baidu so popular?

Baidu is based in China, and was "designed by Chinese, for Chinese search" and it has become the most popular search engines for Chinese readers. Baidu is currently ranked as the fourth most daily visited website on earth.

Can we order Chinese SEO Key Word Analysis separately?

Yes we supply Chinese key word research and analysis by requirement. We also supply Chinese SEO technical auditing of websites.

Why don't mainland Chinese use Google?

Since 2009 Google refused to apply China search regulations on results and so it has been blocked by "the great firewall" of China and is of no use when trying to market to Chinese. The exception is Hong Kong, as it is "outside the firewall" and HK users still prefer to use Google.

Do I need a .CN domain to come up in Baidu search results?

For 99% of businesses the answer is "no." As long as your content is China-friendly (i.e. has Chinese language/hosting and code) then your site will be found and indexed by Baidu search engine. Chinese viewers are quite used to searching for .com or other foreign domains.Actually, having a .cn domain may backfire as Chinese viewers prefer to "view the original source" of the information they are seeking and might perceive a .cn as being "fake" or "not the original brand site."

Why should we get a .cn domain?

Whether or not you plan to put a website on the URL we always advise clients for brand IP and security reasons to at least register and park your-brand .cn domain to ensure squatters can not take it. It is OK to then to still use your "" or localised china URL for SEO and SEM marketing purposes.

How to register a .CN domain?

China Sales Co. provides secure China .CN and COM.HK domain registration services click here"register. CN domain names" for more details on how to register and secure your .CN domain.

What is "the great firewall of China" and how does it work?

The four key elements of the great firewall are:

  • a) human beings that are employed by state regulatory authorities to search for any content that may be deemed as unsatisfactory for mainland Chinese viewers
  • b) a constantly expanding and changing algorithm that is searching for content and key phrases that may be deemed as unsatisfactory for mainland Chinese viewers.
  • c) a network of China wide internet ISP and related telecom suppliers that must also abide by the China code of internet conduct *soon to be updated in 2016!
  • d) a collection of physical server farms that houses the internet connection between China and the western internet (in nearby Hong Kong) that acts as physical and telecommunication (node) barrier.

    How does the great firewall affect my website?

    It all depends on your website. The great firewall has four main parts and each may (or may not) affect your website depending on it's content and code structure. Loading speed is certainly a key issue for sites that are not-close by. A site that is hosted in Australia or USA may add 1.5-1.6 seconds on average for each page that is clicked on and this is not great for user engagement and especially for e-commerce. Hosting in Hong Kong is a great way to serve content as close as it gets without requiring China ICP and other conditions. Cloud hosting in China for larger sites is recommended.

    In terms of content, by far the majority of websites are fine and have "nothing to worry about." Examples of sites that get blocked are sites that contain nudity, explicit materials, political and news or weapon.

    How long does it take to get SEO results on Baidu?

    It takes between 90-180 days of active China SEO to start obtaining some consistency of results on Baidu.

    Do you design and build Chinese websites?

    Yes we do. All of our translations are done by professional translators and are charged by the word.

    Why does it take so long to get China SEO results?

    The Baidu algorithm has over 95+ ranking considerations before offering your site in SERP1 (page one) results. Due to the sheer volume of fake content online in China, Baidu deliberately applies strict methodologies to China SEO results and SERP rankings. Quality of content matters, as does regular fresh updates (at least monthly), the quality of links, on page and off page active SEO and submissions, and related partner sites and content all count towards gaining good SERP results.

    I can't wait 90 days what else can I do?

    Baidu SEM accounts take 5 days to open then you can begin to drive traffic via paid (non-organic) SERP results.

    How do I open a Baidu account?

    China Sales Co. are global licensed partners of SMG/ Baidu. Accounts are free. Ad credit must be deposited in advance, and may take 5 business days to open once paperwork is submitted.

    Does Chinese Social Media count for China SEO results?

    Increasingly yes, it does. Just as Facebook and Linked results appear in Google, so does Baidu index official China Social Media pages such as Weibo and Meipai and Youkou and offers video and related content in SERP results. We advise all clients that we apply for official China Social Media accounts to support their China SEO and SEM campaigns. For those who need support we also provide China social media servicing and monthly management for China social platforms.

    Do I need Chinese content on my website to get results?

    We are amazed how often we get asked this question. The answer is: "if you are marketing to Chinese yes of course you need a Chinese website." Noting also that we can't begin Chinese SEO or SEM until there is Chinese content on the website. Same goes for Baidu applications. No Chinese content = no Baidu application. If you are serious about marketing to China then it all starts with good Chinese content and design that impresses.

    Do you also do SEO for Qihoo 360, Sogou and Sohu SEO?

    Yes we do SEO and SEM campaigns on these search engines, however we always advise in conjunction with Baidu SEO and/or Baidu SEM campaign.

    How much does Chinese SEO cost?

    Increase your targeted web traffic and visitors with expert ChinaSEO: Search Engine Optimisation and SEM Campaign Management services. Full service on page and off page expert China SEO for core key word and related keywords and phrases, on and off page activity and reporting. China hosting and ICP charged separately.

  • All FAQ answers from our in house China digital marketing expert and GM Robert Burns: contact China Sales Co. today to discuss your China SEO requirements

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