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Open your Baidu Account for free* with China Sales Co.

We provide paperwork and open accounts directly and for free. All Baidu advertising-credits must be *deposited-in-advance before-your Baidu can account go live and start online marketing campaign.

Since 2014 China Sales Co. Ltd has provided free global foreign Baidu SEM business accounts. Allow 5-10 working days for paperwork, KPI setting and Chinese key word analysis and ad design and development.

For most clients accounts take 3-4 working days to open and your campaign can begin once your advertising credit is deposited in $USD. Your advertising credit is valid for 12 months from deposit.

China Sales Co. can then provide our expert Baidu SEM consulting and campaign strategy and execution covering content distribution, PPC, banner campaigns Baidu Brand Zones, campaign monitoring and reporting.

"We have been pleased with the SEM Search Engine Marketing services provided by China Sales Co. They have consistently helped to reduce the CPM and CPC of our campaign and maintain a strong return on investment for our business."

Danielle Boland, Director, Marketing - North Asia, Graduate Management Admission Council.


Client campaign site link "WWW.MBA.COM/CHINA"

How to open a Baidu Account:

Ask your regional China Sales Co. office for an application letter.
Just complete Baidu application and “good behavior” declaration and provide us with the following:

  • Proof of business registration.
  • Proof of appropriate business licenses.
  • Proof of ownership of IP.
  • Colour Copy of home page of the business web site/ signed.
  • Signed / stamped original Applications.
  • If accounts are refused then SEM deposit will be refunded less bank charges.

Once delivered to us the paperwork process will take 5-10 working days for approval. The paperwork and checking process is thorough. This is to ensure protection of the client online brand is secure and prevents fraudulent advertisers from obtaining valuable brand web traffic. All websites and purpose of business must be approved by Baidu before a new advertising account will be opened.

Advantages of SEM campaigns are they are flexible, and campaigns can be altered, paused or changed according to the market.

The PPC tracking examples demonstrate how the PPC price for the same key-word or phrase can fluctuate dramatically over the year.
“PPC pricing may be a-lot or it may be a-little” it all depends on the market and your competitors as to how much needs to be spent to achieve the relative same rate of traffic. This why SEM campaigns must-be flexible in order to maximize ROI and conversion rates.

Expert Baidu Search Engine Marketing “SEM” Campaign management.

Baidu: a China Sales Co. licensed global partner: once averaging over 80% of daily search, China’s number 1 search engine is still Baidu with an average daily market share of 60-70% in 2014.

Baidu is also number 1 in mobile search, with iResearch stating in November 2014 that Baidu commands up to 80% of all mobile device searches. Today in 2016 Baidu still commands an average of 70% or higher of daily search. "Either you are able to be found on Baidu or you are invisible"

As a quick test


and see what comes up.....

Baidu is the 4th most trafficked site on earth. "If you want to be found in China...."

Designed from day one for Chinese online readers Baidu is by far the preferred Search Engine for Chinese consumers. As well as being a search engine, Baidu also provides it’s own network of portals and news and multimedia sites available for advertisers.

What is "China SEM?"

ChinaSEM can actually be a very cost-effective way of driving high volumes of targeted qualified traffic arrives to your site or online store. The cost of campaigns are set by the market and competition which suits niche advertisers thanks to low competition (and price) for ads.

“You just don’t know the cost of the campaign until you try.”

China SEM stands for "Chinese Search Engine Marketing" which is online advertising using China's long term top search engine,

On page one there is on average 20% of paid links (Ads) and 80% or bulk of the page is organic or free links (which are selected and offered by the algorithm).

At China Sales Co. we like to say the “M” in “SEM” should stand for “money” because you can’t do anything in SEM without spending some money! However online advertising in China is not expensive compared with other online markets. “You just don’t know the cost of the campaign until you try.”

"For those in a hurry" SEM can be a very cost-effective way of ensuring quality traffic arrives at your store and quickly. Also, our long term management experience with Baidu SEM campaigns means we can target the right audience at the right time.

What is "China SEO?" And how is it different from ChinaSEM?

ChinaSEO stands for "Chinese Search Engine Optimisation". At China Sales Co. we like to say the “O” in “SEO” should stand for “organic.” With China Sales Co everything we do is with the long-term-aim of maximizing our clients to consistently rank on Baidu page 1, and therefore "not have to spend any money" for their highly qualified traffic."The Baidu algorithm "was designed by Chinese, for Chinese" states China Sales Co-founder Robert Burns, "which explains why it has been so popular because it offers more relevant results to its millions of Chinese users."

Our process involves:

  1. KPI setting: setting clear online campaign targets, performance goals and budget requirements.
  2. China Ad Campaign Key Word Analysis and Ad designs all formed on achieving maximum conversion rates.
  3. China SEO: experienced on page Chinese SEO landing page creation and on page and off page China search engine optimisation of brand site *min. 6 months service.
  4. pay per Click “PPC” and SEM Advertising and ePR Campaigns: 30, 60 or 90 day SEM campaigns utilising a combination od PPC, placement press releases and content distribution, banners and Baidu network media channels.
  5. Reporting and Tracking: detailed reporting provided either weekly or monthly on campaign performance.

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