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"We open your sales door to China"

No matter what stage your business is at China Sales Co. provides a 1 stop shop for getting your business "China sales ready" from market research to launch and sales support services toget your business online, exporting and selling to China.

Quality Market Intelligence

Do you know who your Top 5 competitors are in China? Do you know what their sales figures are? How does your product/service compare in the eyes of China consumers? Do you have a market entry and positioning strategy? "Don't know the answers" and need some help?

China Sales Co. provides China "market analysis and consulting" for your business to "get started" with the long term aim to "achieve market share" and" track the results"

Check our Blog "for Exporters" for latest China insights and news.

China Digital Advertising: China SEO & SEM: online search and mobile marketing campaigns

Inside the China firewall is the best way to be found on Chinese search engines. Baidu is the most popular averaging 75% of all daily SERPS followed by Qihoo 360 and Sogou and Sohu. Can your brand and website be found on these search engines? You need our

"China Sales Co. is a global licensed Baidu partner" and we will be happy assist open your official Baidu and other top China search engine accounts in generally 3-5 working days from submission pf paperwork.

Digital SEM services cover: brand analysis, KPI setting, Key Word analysis, content creation, mobile (BestTV) analysis and campaign management.

Quality translated content/ materials

and readers will instantly see errors and click away. Quality China translations are "very cheap compared to the cost of looking cheap" says Robert Burns founder of China Sales Co.

China Social Media Services

Social media is "the people's media channel" and consumers actually prefer peer-group ratings over online and public advertised messages. We provide official business accounts and custom China Social user guides. We also manage China Social Media accounts for our clients.

Chinese customers demand excellent information on your product and quality brand Social Media sites. How "China Social" is your brand message?

China web design, .CN web domain names and hosting

Our designers will build a custom brand Chinese website and arrange hosting in Hong Kong or China *ICP and conditions apply. We also supply "China .CN domain registration" for your China IP and security.

China e commerce support and management

China Sales Co. provides e-commerce supporting including platform and own-brand e-commerce support, Point of Return, engineering level QC and all important live Chinese customer service support.

China office support and Your-brand-China-direct +86 21 ABCD Shanghai China Hot Sales Line!

How better to offer customer service than from your own +86 21 Shanghai sales hot line! We also provide free call China 400- telephone services. Our trained sales-team will answer your-business hot line to ensure you do not miss a opportunity to do business with China! Live online chat is a popular "1st engagement" platform. It is anonymous and a great way for customers to ask questions before placing orders. We supply live chat "response teams" to ensure your brand CRM meet China customer preferences!

Time to get started with China Sales Co. as your your China sales partner!

Time to start selling? "Contact China Sales Co." to see how we can help your business start selling to China today!

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