GM attends China-Australia FTA signing ceremony in Canberra

After more than a decade of negotiations the China-Australia free trade agreement was signed in Canberra on Wednesday 17th June at the National Gallery of Australia Gandel Hall in front of 200 invited guests including the Mr. Tony Abbot, the Prime Minister of Australia and the China Commerce Minister Mr. Gao Hucheng, Trade Minister Andrew Robb and other senior dignified guests.

China Australia FTA signing June 17, Canberra
China Australia FTA signing June 17, Canberra

"This is an historic day, you can tell your grandchildren you were here today" said PM Tony Abbot before witnessing the signing of the FTA. "The Chinese can now eat more of our beef and drink more of our great wines" to chuckles from the audience.

Both the PM and Mr. Gao proposed a toast to each leader and people's of China and Australia.

Australian PM and China Commerce Minister
Australian PM and China Commerce Minister

China Sales Co. founder and GM, Robert Burns said "I felt honored and grateful to be one of the invited guests to witness the historic signing of the FTA between our two nations"stated Robert. "It was a cheerful day with people in the room all smiling and congratulating each other on the achievement."

Aus-China FTA signing invitation
Aus-China FTA signing invitation

Alibaba Invests Into The Future

Posted: May 14, 2015.


Alibaba Group (which developed Alipay), has announced May 7 in NYC that CEO Jonathan Lu will be replaced by COO Daniel Zhang from Sunday. Lu will remain on the management board. Zhang has been a key person behind Alibaba's Tmall 11.11 Singles' Day which is now the world's biggest single e-commerce event.

Zhang told Bloomberg television that Alibaba was looking to bring in a younger generation of leaders.

”The leaders of the company's key business units were born in the 1970s. We also are trying to bring more and more 1980s, 1985, 1990s young generations to the middle-class level, finally to the leadership level," stated Zhang. "We believe this will be the foundation for our future growth."

Alibaba’s revenue surged 45% in the 1st quarter of 2015 however profit margins are lower compared to same period last year.

Click here to read original article “Business Insider”

We Chat assists your Chinese tourist CRM

"We Chat leaps the firewall"

"We Chat user uptake is not slowing down" stated Robert Burns. "It is now looking almost certain that We Chat will-eclipse Facebook as the world's most popular Social Media platform this year (2015) or latest early 2016. Furthermore it is already well engaged with monetizing it's giant user base by giving them more useful options, rather than 100% relying upon selling to advertisers whom are trying to reach it's users."

Owned by TenCent, We Chat has become the most popular mobile Social Media platform in China. It started as an internet based communication and social media platform (similar to Twitter) and today now has added online transactions and many further further functionalities. It is also a great way to harness Social media so that Chinese tourists can instantly share their moments on holidays at your destination. Have you noticed Chinese tourists taking photos then instantly uploading them?

1. We Chat is free to use *for personal use.

All you need is a 4G mobile device and download to get it. Want to try We Chat? Click here to go directly to the "official We Chat download page" and try it for free. Scan the QR code on the page with your cell phone for latest version.

*Businesses must-apply for official accounts if they wish to engage in e-commerce or marketing. China Sales Co. provides official verified accounts and custom We Chat e-stores.

2. We Chat is very popular.

Thanks to it's ability to handle multiple languages (currently 15) We Chat is also fast gaining popularity outside of China. In late 2014 it now has 800 million users and growing. it can even translate SMS messages as you SMS your international friends or pay them via CCD. An unverified estimate is that We Chat now has 200 million users out side of China and it has big plans for further global growth.

3. We Chat has 3 account levels.

Personal accounts: Users can talk on phone, SMS, share moments/links/pictures on your personal blog with groups/friends or public.

Subscription accounts: Businesses can create blogs and e-stores.

Serviced accounts: Businesses can create blogs and e-stores.

4. We Chat can process financial transactions.

Businesses can create e-commerce stores and transactions using the We Chat platform. China Sales Co. assists businesses open accounts *it is necessary for a local China business and bank account. For example, We Chat shops can be created for events (ticketing) tourism destinations (coupons) and brands (products).

5. We Chat is handy for live-translations.

Live service clients of China Sales Co. utilise We Chat "like Skype" to enable live business translations between customers and our staff in Shanghai. All you need is wi-fi and a mobile phone and China Sales Co. is bridging the communication gaps between you and your customers to ensure you can satisfy all requirements .

*note: if your business does not have an account we will assist create and open your business We Chat account contact China Sales Co. today.

Register a .CN domain name

China Domain Names “YOURBRAND.CN”

The domain account belongs to the client. Clients will need to supply proof of business certification and other details listed below.


We require scanned signed colour copies of: 1. Business proof of Registration (license).
2. Address of business.
3. Personal ID: *Passport or Drivers license of person whom will own the domain.

Delta the 1st US airline accepting Alipay

Posted: April 14, 2015

Last week, Delta became the first U.S. airline to accept payments from China’s Alipay.

Delta accepting Alipay
Delta accepting Alipay

"Delta airlines is "looking eastwards for growth and ride the growing numbers of Chinese tourists" stated Robert Burns, GM of China Sales Co. "Already number 2 in the cross-Pacific stakes it makes sense for them to expand operations in Shanghai. It is the best method of accepting China tourism payments and is very popular. Still, note although being the 1st USA airline they catching up with the Asian and EU carriers that already accept Alipay."

Quote from Bloomberg:

"Delta Air Lines Inc. Chief Executive Officer Richard Anderson said "he envisions creating an international hub in Shanghai to build on a growing relationship with China Eastern Airlines Corp.When you think about what our strategy is long-term, we need to have a hub in Shanghai like the one we have in Amsterdam,” Anderson told employees in a recorded message."

Link to original article on: Bloomberg Business News "Bloomberg Business"

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