How to Sell Online in China

No matter where your business is situated starting to sell to China online is easy with China Sales Co.!

China Sales Co. was formed to assist business with the 5 steps to begin selling online. China Sales Co. also has all the strategic resources, licenses and services to begin selling online today and all customizable to your budget, location and requirements.

For new businesses selling to China we advice the “5 China Sales Co. steps" to begin selling online in China. Once you have completed the 3 Steps then you will be selling!

The 5 Steps for selling online in China are

  1. Analysis and set realistic China KPIs Learn the playing field. Do you know what your competitors are doing right now to win market share?
  2. Develop and customize your “China brand face” product/s and messages
  3. Begin market presence: registered on Chinese internet platforms, import/ export and logistics
  4. Active Sales: Sell now! Live Chinese CRM and digital promotional platforms
  5. Market performances: track KPIs, out perform and stay on top of competitors, grow market share.
  6. Read more here about our "5 steps for selling online to China"

Know your market and customize your “China Face” and product/s and messages.

Know the market, and it's size and costs of entry. China is a very large and highly competitive marketplace. Trying to enter China without having the correct licenses, or understanding your business top competitors are is not recommended. Have you checked if similar products or service are already today being marketed and sold in China?

Before launching into China or completing any new business plans we always advise to conduct market research and analysis. China Sales Co. supplies online and offline market analysis research that will save you time and money in understanding the marketplace and providing clear advice on your market entry strategy.

Customize your “China Face”

Chinese consumers demands good quality product information before making a purchase decision. China loves to learn more about you and your products! Over 95% will look up a new brand or product information online or in-store using their mobile phone before making a new purchasing decision.

Chinese are voracious in their effort to find information online, and they will also be finding your competitors at the same time.

It is essential to have good quality content presented in the language, and never use translation software as even Google translate can not handle Chinese very well. Your messages will be lost and viewers will see that you do not take them seriously and will just click back to another page that they can read easily and clearly. With the preferred design attributes so you can stand out as the best and safest option for their purchase. China Sales Co. also provides expert translations and copy writing for web and marketing material.

China paperwork: brand and products registered on China internet platforms.

Did you know that the "great firewall of China" actively blocks most popular western forms of online search and social media? This includes Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Your current brand and business ePR on these sites can be reached in Hong Kong but not China mainland.

This also means that all your current “foreign language” and foreign hosted web content and PR is generally slow, or worse, unreadable to Chinese consumers.

Communicating your brand means to "be active" on the China web platforms and doing it with genuine Chinese language content.

This includes registering your website on Chinese Search Engines, and opening official Social Media Accounts such as an official Weibo or We Chat accounts.

China Sales Co. is a global licensed provider for China’s top Search Engines Baidu and 360.

Allow ten business days for new account applications and paperwork processing approval and beginning SEM campaigns. Once your business is registered and your own accounts have been created on these platforms you are then "behind the firewall."

China Sales Co. can also manage your Weibo and other Social Media accounts.

Sell now! Live Chinese CRM, Social Media and online marketing and promotions.

Your +86 China business telephone number

Your business is exciting, and your customers need the ability to communicate instantly via a "Dedicated China telephone number", or online via "IM" or live Instant-Messaging "live-chat" platforms. Having this communication point is crucial for CRM.

Your live Shanghai contact telephone number for your prospects to call. What better way to impress your new clients by giving them a telephone number in Shanghai! Give your e-commerce clients peace of mind they can return goods quickly and easily and deal with professional customer service in same country and time-zone.

Live instant chat or “IM” tools are very popular in China. They are a quick way to "get engaged" as well as qualify and communicate with your customers. Top IM platforms are WeChat, QQ, and Skype.

China Sales Co. Tech Support will create your-IM profiles and then Sales will assign staff to be your live instant IM and sales responder.

China Sales Co. provides "Official China online platforms, accounts and media advertising" for China's top platforms including: Baidu, Sina Weibo, YouKou QQ and We Chat accounts opening and client management services.

We provide and manage these essential China SEM and Social Media platforms!