Our difference: why Choose China Sales Co.?

We are a secure and trusted global licensed agent for China's top online e-commerce and marketing platforms.

We cut through the China smog and provide real, accurate and honest Consulting, research and strategic advice for China market entry.

Our Shanghai trading partners provide in China offline promotions and marketing, and also export heavy industry components and contract manufacturing services.


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China Sales Co. “In China Experience”

Trading with China is tough to start but well worth the effort. China Sales Co. breaks down the barriers for entry into selling online in China.

China has it’s own unique protocols, paperwork and market entry processes. Cultural barriers and local vs. foreign expectations, as well as complex economic, financial and legal structures are all part of the daily obstacles for foreign businesses entering China. China Sales Co. breaks down these barriers to begin selling quickly and efficiently.

Sales and Operations Leadership

Although a new business founded in 2014, China Sales Co. management team and company have the in depth China experience in China sales and operations leadership, and thanks to our experience we are global official licensed partners and providers of paperwork and applications to China’s top e-commerce sales and marketing platforms as well as provide core services of in-China sales and marketing and quality control support.

China Sales Co. management and team have decades experience of sales and operations experience in China covering media and digital and online tourism marketing, sales, e-commerce, software development, heavy and high tech industry including automotive sourcing and engineering, textiles, manufacturing quality control and inspections, export/importing from China.

About GM Robert "Robbie" Burns

Robert "Robbie" Burns is in his 13th year of working in sales and marketing in China. He is a regular keynote speaker on China export and marketing conferences and an experienced journalist published in international and China local media. He was featured in the recent Australian Government publication “Guide to E-commerce in China." Robert previously excelled in sales for NASDAQ firms in the EU before moving to Shanghai in 2005. After working in Shanghai in various China outdoor and retail marketing and sales roles he founded China Sales Co Ltd Hong Kong in 2014. Today he serves international clients from Melbourne and Shanghai. Robert also thinks he “just may be the only foreigner in the world” to hold global SMG, Baidu and Alipay licenses.

When not working he enjoys playing outdoor sports in China. He loves "trail running behind Hangzhou, surfing in Hainan and snowboarding on the China/North Korean border."


China Sales Co. is a boutique China marketing agency based in Hong Kong. China Sales Co. has representative and operations in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Melbourne, San Francisco, Ohio and Barcelona. China Sales Co. provides market and e-commerce Consulting, China SEO and SEM support for global brands, Ad Agencies, Government

departments, tourism and education providers and e-commerce clients. China Sales Co. group holds licenses for SEM and SEO on Baidu and Shanghai Media Group and the Alipay cross border payment system.

Whats the first step? Generally we find clients need fresh market intelligence..


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