Why adding Chinese language content is important (SP)

Chinese are now the number 1 spending tourists worldwide, and they are keen to read and learn more about your product and destination. Likewise, if you are-not already providing this information or your web site can-not be seen by Chinese search engines then there are plenty of other-tourism websites to choose from.

Adding Chinese translated content is not difficult, nor is it expensive. Adding further digital marketing aimed at Chinese tourist will help to drive more traffic to your destination.

How to get started?

If you are a large or small tourism operator or destination then we are here to help. To get started China Sales Co. provides quality Chinese translation services, Alipay accounts and Chinese customer service for your destination. For clients with these in place we provide China SEO and China SEM digital marketing and Social Media marketing services. Contact China Sales Co. now to get started today! Websites and payment systems normally allow 30 days for design, build, Alipay account paperwork and paperwork and testing.

Hosting your Chinese content also needs to take into account of "the great fire wall." This greatly affects loading speed for viewers and also may even be blocked by automatic censorship regulations. We advise most clients to "host in Hong Kong" whereby your content is served into the Chinese web at great speed with less regulatory restrictions. For those wanting to host in China (with large websites) we also provide China ICP and regulatory support, cloud hosting with China Telecom or Alibaba's Aliyun network.

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