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Client Testamonials and Case Studies

our latest reference:


"We have been pleased with the Chinese SEM Search Engine Marketing services provided by China Sales Co. They have consistently helped to reduce the CPM and CPC of our campaign and continue to maintain a strong return on investment for our business."

Danielle Boland, Director, Marketing - North Asia, Graduate Management Admission Council. Client campaign site link "WWW.MBA.COM/CHINA"

"China Sales Co helped navigate some of the complexities of Chinese social media and simplified the process down to deliver a set of easy-to-understand options. The outcome is a clean, effective, consumer facing Weibo platform which gives us a great start as we look to develop and evolve our consumer relationships with Chinese consumers. This is a great first step on what we expect to be an exciting journey of building brand engagement in this incredible marketplace."Mr. Phil King, Export Manager, TOMORGANIC


"China Sales Co designed and implemented the Weibo page for BSMQ, a unit within Trade and Investment Queensland. The team was very professional and provided a lot of guidance along the way including developing a comprehensive Weibo user guide so that all staff are clear on how to use the site going forward. I would recommend China Sales Co to others and will be sure to use the company to develop future digital marketing for the Chinese market." Wendy Ahern, Senior Project Officer, Business and Skilled Migration, Trade & Investment Queensland


"Dear Robert, on behalf of Austrade, I would warmly like to thank you for participating in our recently concluded e-commerce roadshow. The audience overwhelmingly was positive about the seminars and I can already start to see several companies starting to take the first step to make their products available to China’s online buyers. Your insights have been invaluable. Brent Moore 莫博仁 Trade Commissioner / Consul (Commercial) 商务专员 /商务领事 Australian Trade Commission / Australian Consulate-General Shanghai Commercial Section 澳大利亚贸易委员会 / 澳大利亚驻上海总领事馆商务处

"Thank you Robert for your great consulting tips and strategic advice. The Alipay system is attached and we are ready to go!." Judith Director, Australian Ugg Boots & Ozitude "Ozitude"

""Dear Robert, the consulting that you provided to our team was great value to us, thank you. I can recommend your expertise to businesses wanting to sell into China.." Mr. T. Winters, International Business Development, VECCI Global "VECCI"

"Dear Mr. Burns, The Asian Pacific Law Forum would like to thank you for taking part in our forum. Your talk on app revolution and the new way to promote legal service was one of the most interesting topics in the forum. It was an honour for us to have you as one of our resource speakers. We believe that the knowledge you have shared will help immensely in the development and innovation of the legal service management...."Mr. H. Ma, Director Asian Pacific Law Forum ""

Public Speaking Events

Company founder and GM Robert "Robbie" Burns is a regular invited key-note speaker, forum panelist and commentator on discussions for China e-commerce and marketing. Over the years Robert has spoken at many Government, Trade and private conferences and public and private digital marketing events and forums in China and Australia including one period "speaking five times in three states in two weeks" during the launch of The Australian Treasury and Austrade's "Guide to e-commerce in China."

Speaking Events:come and hear China Sales Co experts on stage

Our China Sales Co. GM is a regular international key note speaker on China digital and e-commerce.

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Client:GMAC: Graduate Admissions Council USA

Service Period:2014- present

Services:Consulting, Search advertising, Baidu PPC and SEM Display campaigns

Client: Dinpay payments company

Service Period: 2015- present

Services: Software development: Magento and Woo Commerce plugin development

Client: Food Innovation Australia (FIAL Dept. of Industry)

Service Period: 2014- present

Services: China export, and China market entry workshops around Australia.

Client: Hazelbrae Nut Company Tasmania

Service Period: 2017- present

Services: Consulting, China IP and legal protection

Client: American Worldwide Natures Baby

Service Period: May 2016- May 2017

Services: Consulting, website design, Social Media Weibo design, China domain names, KOL advertising campaigns

Client: American Worldwide Mineral Fusion

Service Period: May 2016- May 2017

Services: Consulting, website design, Social Media Weibo design, China domain names, KOL advertising campaigns

Client: Gin Gin and Dry

Service Period: 2018- present

Services: Consulting, China domain names, creative design

Client:Tom Organic sanitary products

Service Period:2016- present

Services: China Social Media Weibo design, China domain names

Client: Sunny Hainan Tourism

Service Period: 2017- present

Services: Chinese SEO, Technical support and design

Client: Lacritec eye Care

Service Period:2016- present

Services: China Social Media Weibo design, Hong Kong web hosting

Client: Buckfast Tonic

Service Period: 2016- present

Services: Consulting, China domains

other happy clients

Testimonios de clientes y conferencias

Nuestra última referencia:



"Estamos complacidos con los servicios de SEM (Search Engine Marketing) proporcionados por China Sales CO. Ellos nos ha ayudado consistentemente a reducir los CPM y CPC de nuestra campaña y a continuar manteniendo un gran retorno de nuestra inversiones en nuestro negocio".

Danielle Boland, Director, Marketing - North Asia, Graduate Management Admission Council. Campaña de cliente, web "WWW.MBA.COM/CHINA"

"China Sales Co nos ayudó a sortear algunas de las complejidades de las redes sociales china y simplificó el proceso reduciéndolo a unas opciones fáciles de entender. El resultados es una plataforma Weibo limpia, efectiva y dirigida a los consumidores que nos proporciona un gran comienzo en nuestro intento de desarrollar y evolucionar nuestra relación con los consumidores en China. Es un gran primer paso con el que esperamos iniciar una viaje prometedor para construir la presencia de nuestra marce en este increíble mercado." Sr. Phil King, Director de exportación de TOMORGANIC


""China Sales Co diseño e implementó la página Weibo de BSMQ, una división dentro de Trade and Investment Queensland. El equipo fue muy profesional y nos dió cantidad de consejos en el camino, incluyendo el desarrollo de una guía de usuario Weibo comprensible, de manera que todo nuestro equipo tuvo claro como utilizar la web. Recomendaría a China Sales Co a otros y tengo la certeza que volveremos a utilizer la compañia para el desarrollo de todo el marketing digital para el mercado chino." Wendy Ahern, Senior Project Officer, Business and Skilled Migration, Trade & Investment Queensland


"Estimado Robert, en representación de Austrade, quisiera cariñosamente agradecerle su participación en nuestro reciente seminario sobre comercio electrónico. La audiencia fue abrumadoramente positive sobre los seminarios y puedo decir que cantidad de empresas están dando el primer paso para hacer que sus productos estén disponibles para los compradores en línea chinos. Sus comentarios ha sido de incalculable valor. Brent Moore 莫博仁 Consejero Comercial / Consul (Comercial) 商务专员 /商务领事 Oficina Comercial Australiana / Consulado General Australia en Shanghai – Sección Comercial澳大利亚贸易委员会 / 澳大利亚驻上海总领事馆商务处

"Gracias Robert por sus grandes recomendación y consejos. ¡ El sistema Alipay está en marcha y ya estamos listos¡ Judith Directora , la empresa de botas AustralianaUgg Boots & Ozitude "Ozitude"

""Estimado Robert, la consultoría que nos ha proporcionado ha sido de gran valor, gracias. Puedo recomendar su ayuda a cualquier empresa que desee vender en China.." Sr. T. Winters, Desarrollo de Negocio Internacional, VECCI Global "VECCI"

"Estimado Sr.burns, el foro legal Asia Pacific quisiera agradecerle su participación en nuestro foro. Su exposición sobre la revolución de las App y la nueva forma de promover los servicios legales fue uno de los puntos más interesantes de nuestro foro. Fue un honor para nosotros tenerle como uno de nuestros conferenciantes. Creemos que el conocimiento que ha compartido ayudará inmensamente al desarrollo e innovación de la gestión de los servicios legales...."Sr. H. Ma, Director del Foro Asian Pacific ""

Conferencias Publicas

El fundador de la empresa y GM Robert "Robbie" Burns es un conferenciante invitado clave habitual, panelista y comentador en foros de discusión sobre el comercio electrónico y marketing en China. A lo largo de los años, Robert se ha hablado en muchas conferencias de gobiernos, entidades públicas y privadas dedicadas a las áreas de marketing y comercio electrónico en China y Australia, incluyendo la conferencia "speaking five times in three states in two weeks" , durante el lanzamiento de la “ Guía del comercio electrónico en China” de la The Australian Treasury and Austrade."


Conferencias: venga y escuche a los expertos China Sales Co expertos en el escenario

Nuestro GM de China Sales Co. es un conferenciante habitual clave sobre el comercio digital en China.

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The 5 Steps for Selling Online to China

Wondering how to start selling to China? Here are the China Sales Co.'s "5 Steps for selling online to China."

Our GM Robert Burns says; "No matter if you are selling a University degree or aeroplane parts, by following these 5 steps your business will begin to start selling to China.

Creator of "The 5 Steps of selling online to China" company founder and GM Robert Burns states; "regardless of what sector they are working in, most folks that we meet around the world we find are all facing the same communication and business barriers to entry to China. They all require the same fist steps and platforms."

"Likewise with just a few selected questions asked to prospects our expert consultants can quickly work out "what stage they are at" and "what services, from, IP or consulting to platforms and hardware that are needed, and all according to the 5 steps."

What stage is your China business at?

China Sales Co. helps and quickly get your business selling to China.

Here’s the “China Sales Co. China Business Ready Test”, a quick way to work out what requirements your business needs to start selling to China! If your business needs assistance with any of these requirements then Contact China Sales Co. today

What are the 5 Steps for selling online to China?

Step 1. China Knowledge: "Learn the playing field...

  • Need assistance with your China brand analysis and to form your KPI's?
  • How good is your understanding of the market size and your competitor products or services in China today. e.g. Can you name your top 5 competitors in China? How about the top 10? What are their turnovers? What are their top sales channels?
  • China Sales Co provides fresh market research reports. We study your China top 2,5 or 10 competitors to give you the best available perspective and to assist setting your own company goals and
  • Get quality "market intelligence" form clear content, understand the China SEM and China SEO and Social Media strategies for market share.
  • We provide clear strategy for marketing and distribution channels for your product or service.
  • Import/export documentation for China customs requirements (of goods). Are you allowed to export your products direct B2B and B2C? What are the fees and charges?
  • Brand and product IP registration and protection. Is your brand safe?
  • Brand KPIs: what are your short/mid and long term KPIs? How achievable are they when measured against current market?

Step 2. Build your custom China brand face and platforms:

  • Quality Translated communication, Chinese web site and or/ additional pages to own site, including design of packaging and marketing collateral.
  • China friendly brand face and brand/product customisation.
  • China IP and trademark registered and protected under China law.
  • Brand/ business "registered on China internet."
  • Open your "Alipay account"China's number 1 global online payment system.
  • Online China friendly store design and build.
  • Possible Government or regional export grants and or assistance channels.

Step 3. China paperwork and logistics:

  • China CRM: "China telephone number" and contacts.
  • 3rd party e-commerce platforms.
  • Import/ export paperwork and logistics tech support.
  • China point of return (for refunds and returned goods) and quality control.
  • Registered B2B and B2C China marketing and promotional campaign platforms.

Step 4. Start to sell sell sell!

  • Digital promotions
  • China SEM: Search Engine Marketing to drive new visitor traffic.
  • China SEO: Search Engine
  • China Social Media to assist with CRM.
  • Trade fair attendance and support.

Step 5. Expand your market share.

  • "Quality control:" of rejected products, for marketing campaigns and customer service.
  • China business tracking and reporting.
  • Customer service: live sales support.
  • Market watch: stay on top of your competitors.

China Sales Co are global licensed agents for China's top e-commerce and marketing platforms. Contact us today to start selling to China!