Looking for Product

Do you offer a product or service that Chinese love to buy? Then China Sales Co. is looking for you!

China Sales Co. understands what products will sell online in China, and has all the resources able to get your product in the China e-commerce space and begin to sell! To be successful online in China requires first having a top quality product and then packaging and marketing it online in the right way. China Sales Co. provides all the steps to begin selling your great product online in China today.

We are seeking OEM and original suppliers of quality goods and services.


We especially looking for original producers of the following:

  • Packaged Quality Food
  • Beverages including juice and milk products
  • Quality fashion and accessories
  • Health and Beauty products
  • Home wares and items


  • Tourism Operators and suppliers
  • Tourism Destinations and hotels
  • Exporters and manufacturers
  • Market advisory and investment services
  • Education providers